2015 Speakers

Sam Priyadarshi
Head of Fixed Income Derivatives
Sam is a senior investment professional with in-depth experience in derivatives, risk management, structured transactions and alternative investments. Deep knowledge of fixed income and derivatives markets and several years of experience leading teams responsible for trading, researching strategies, and generating alpha. Highly proficient in hedging with rates, credit, equity and FX derivatives. Skilled in developing derivatives strategies and quantitative analysis involving futures, swaps, swaptions, CDS, equity options, and structured notes. Extensive technical skills and experience in creating trading and risk management platforms. Expertise in fixed income portfolio analytics, CDO and structured credit analytics, asset-liability management, portfolio optimization, and alternative investments research. Strong knowledge of insurance GAAP, SAP, RBC and RSAT. Deep relationships with investment banks, insurance companies, asset managers, law firms, hedge funds, and accounting firms.
Michael O'Brian
Director of Global Trading
Eaton Vance
Michael is viewed as an industry pioneer and oversees a global trading team responsible for the execution of long and short trades in over seventy-five markets and in a variety of instruments including CDS, hard currency and local currency debt, IRS, futures, Michael is viewed as an industry pioneer and oversees fixed income trading at Eaton Vance Corp. Michael is often called upon to provide input and expertise on Dodd-Frank rulemaking to regulators through meetings with the SEC & CFTC Commissioners. options, commodities, equities, repo and warrants.
Mike Nappi
Vice President, Corporate Bond Trading
Eaton Vance
Michael is responsible for all investment grade corporate bonds, preferred stock, and hybrid securities trading across all sectors, with a focus on maturities three years and beyond.  He has experience in electronic trading, operations, pricing, and order management systems.  Michael is involved in the corporate bond strategy for managed accounts, playing a role in planning and execution, while also providing market information to the portfolio management teams. He also trades for a variety of closed-end and other mutual funds.  Michael has spoken at numerous events pertaining to market structure and trading protocols, and has been with the Eaton Vance since 2000.
Charles Dolan
Chief Investment Strategist, Fixed Income, Cash and Currency
BNY Mellon Asset Management
As one of the world's leading investment management organizations and top U.S. wealth managers with $1.4 trillion in AUM, BNY Mellon Asset Management has a lot of money making lessons to share. As a strategist, Charles performs strategic investment research and joint theme development to uncover new trading strategies and help overcome key market challenges. One of these challenges is how to make money in a current low interest rate environment where he will be offering specific expertise and advice.
Dwayne Middleton
Executive Director
Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Dwayne is Head of US Fixed Income Trading in Long Only Asset Management. He joined Morgan Stanley in 2009 and has 21 years of investment experience. Prior to joining the firm, Dwayne spent nine years with JPMorgan Asset Management as a senior portfolio manager. Most recently, he was head of Investment Grade Credit Strategy leading portfolio construction, sector allocation, trading and credit research. Previously, Dwayne served as portfolio manager with Criterion Investment Management specializing in the corporate bond sector. Dwayne received a B.A. in economics from the University of Maryland and an M.B.A from Northeastern University. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts.
Zack Ellison
Director, US Public Fixed Income
Sun Life Investment Management
Sun Life Investment Management’s teams currently manage over $110 billion in assets for the Sun Life Financial group of companies, and Zack is responsible for trading corporate credit in the financial, utility, transportation, retail, consumer, food, beverage, and aerospace & defense sectors. As a trader Zack has views on market structure and liquidity that are informed by practical experience and enhanced by consistent dialogue with both buy-side and sell-side traders, and Zack has previously provided expert views on how the market structure needs to be directed and defined in order to make markets more transparent, more liquid, and less risky.
Brian Kinney
Managing Director
State Street Global Advisors
Brian Kinney is the Global Head of the Fixed Income Beta team at State Street Global Advisors. In his role, he oversees portfolio managers located in Boston, London, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. The Global Fixed Income Beta team manages all indexed bond strategies for SSgA which includes SPDR ETFs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds and commingled strategies. In addition to his oversight responsibilities, Brian is a member of the Fixed Income Currency and Cash Senior Management Team. Brian joined SSgA in 2003 as a portfolio manager in the Bond Group. In his experience as a portfolio manager Brian has managed both active and passive strategies across multiple asset classes. He has also managed a Stable Value Team and a group of dedicated investment professionals who purchased bonds on behalf of the U.S. Treasury during the global financial crisis.
James Wallin
Senior Vice President Fixed Income
Alliance Bernstein
James Wallin is a Senior Vice President in AllianceBernstein’s Fixed Income group. Prior to joining AllianceBernstein, Wallin was at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, Evergreen Asset Management Corp. as Senior Counsel and Yamaichi Capital Management Inc., where he served as General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer. Prior to working at Morgan Stanley, Wallin also worked in the legal department of The Dreyfus Corporation and with the law firm of Cole and Dietz. He also had been with Alliance Capital previously, from 1982 to 1986. He is a member of the New York Bar and a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales.   
Erik Tumasz
Managing Director, Fixed Income Trading Technology
Wellington Management
Erik is the manager of the Fixed Income Trading Applications Team. Erik and his team ensure products, specifically the Global Trading System Fixed Income, are developed and enhanced in line with trading objectives and industry best practices. Erik provides functional leadership, driving product design while ensuring that WMC products are compelling and demonstrate value to the traders.  His proprietary applications are used to trade in the US, London, and Asia.
Steven Geovanis
Managing Director
Lyxor Asset Management
Steven is responsible for Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Risk Management of Hedge Fund Portfolios, and covers equities, fixed income and FX at Lyxor Asset Management. At the end of last year Steven did extensive analysis of Lyxor’s flagship multi asset portfolio made up of $2.5 billion (after record performance in 2013). This resulted in redemption of Lyxor’s systematic CTA’s, and investment in discretionary macro managers, as well as the movement of their equity books towards market neutral managers and redemption from traditional credit managers. The moves were controversial at the time but are working well in the current environment.
Yoav Git Partner
Head of Fixed Income
Man Investments Ltd
MAN Group are one of the world’s leading alternative investment managers, and Yoav oversees the systematic fixed income trading at AHL Partners within Man Group, where he is responsible for managing a portfolio of fixed income products and trading. In his role, Yoav has developed systematic algorithms for trading bonds, swaps, credit, TBAs and futures, ensuring risk control and efficient execution. Most Recently, Yoav has successfully implemented TCA with his fixed income trading team to measure best execution.
Irina Issakova
Vice President and Director
TD Asset Management
As a Head of Fixed Income Trading, Irina oversees a team of 4 traders responsible for trading Canadian government and corporate bonds, US treasuries, US high yield, global sovereign debt, CDS, money market, repo and forwards (AUM of $159B as at December 31, 2014). Prior to managing the Fixed Income Trading Team, Irina was responsible for trading equities and exchange-traded derivatives. Before joining the Trading Team, as a member of the Risk Management Team, Irina was involved in trade oversight across all asset classes traded by our organization. Her previous experience with other asset classes enables her to opine on differences and similarities in market structure, operational platforms, trade data and analytics.
Brett Chappell
Head of Fixed Income Trading
Nordea Investment Management
Brett has direct responsibility for five traders domiciled in Copenhagen. In Brett’s team, they are responsible for trading credit bonds, rates, CDS’s, IRD’s, repos, deposits and they manage money market portfolios, where they service several of Nordea’s portfolio managers scattered across the Nordic region. The overall goal of Brett’s team is to bring (and document) the best returns to their clients who have entrusted Nordea IM with their funds. Brett’s experience includes over two decades of European managerial sell-side experience - primarily in the interest rate derivative and bond space. Recently, Brett has been heavily involved with committees bringing various market participants together (Project Neptune, ICMA’s response on MiFID II to ESMA, and numerous pre-trade and trading platforms.)
Edgardo Sternberg
Vice President
Loomis, Sayles & Company
Eddy Sternberg is a vice president of Loomis, Sayles & Company and co-portfolio manager for the Loomis Sayles Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund in addition to a suite of products outside the US, and all emerging markets portfolios. He has 28 years of investment industry experience as a fixed income analyst and portfolio manager. Before joining Loomis Sayles in 2005, Eddy was a senior analyst and portfolio manager at Evergreen Investments. He also worked as an investment officer for the Inter-American Investment Corporation and a development program associate at BASF. He began his career as a credit analyst with Banco Ganadero Argentino in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Andrew Hofer
Managing Director, Head Taxable Fixed Income
Brown Brothers Harriman
Mr. Hofer is head of Taxable Fixed Income and co-portfolio manager of BBH's Core Fixed Income, Credit Value, Limited Duration, Intermediate and Crossover strategies. Mr. Hofer spent his first 10 years at BBH as both a generalist banker and then a financial institutions specialist. He joined Investment Management in 1998 as Head of Insurance Asset Management, and from 2003-2006 was Investment Management's Chief Operating Officer and Head of Risk Management.  From 2008-2014 he also served as Chairman of Learning Ally, a not-for-profit provider and advocate of accessible learning materials.  Mr. Hofer earned a B.A. in East Asian studies from Yale, and an M.I.A. (Master of International Affairs) from Columbia University.

Leighton Shantz
Head of Fixed Income
ERS State Pension Fund Texas
At the ERS State Pension Fund, Texas, Leighton serves on the trust’s Risk Committee & Internal Investment Committee for alternatives, and in his role he has undertaken new and innovative strategies to help his firm overcome the liquidity crisis. Leighton also executed the transformation of the $25+ billion retirement trust’s fixed income assets to divided Rates & Credit mandates. 
Joseph Castelluccio
Executive Managing Director, Head of Trading
Capital Guardian
Mr. Castelluccio has over 35 years of Wall Street experience. He is currently,  Executive Managing Director, Head of Trading and Structured Products for Capital Guardian LLC. Mr. Castelluccio specializes in  creating and trading bonds linked to various indices, baskets of equities, currencies, commodities and maturities on the yield curve. Prior to joining CG Capital Markets, Mr. Castelluccio was Senior Vice President of Fixed Income Sales and Trading at Inter-Capital Securities with trading responsibility for middle market institutional accounts. Before joining Inter-Capital, Mr. Castelluccio spent the majority of his career at Prudential Securities, most recently as Senior Vice President of corporate bond trading where he managed the corporate bond trading desk for the firm’s retail and institutional accounts.
Marc Chandler
Political Economist
Brown Brothers Harriman
Marc’s global team spans three locations, with people in US, London and Tokyo to provide real asset managers with commentary, analysis and trade ideas in fixed income, equities and FX. Marc actively advises clients on key challenges with in fixed income, including low negative interest rates, the latter of which is unprecedented, and more volatile exchange rates, which makes hedging more expensive.
Jean Pierre Lacombe IFC
Chief Global Markets and Strategy
The World Bank
Jean Pierre Lacombe leads a team of highly skilled professionals that analyze drivers of global macro, markets and industry sectors via empirical and fundamental research. The team provides tactical and strategic asset allocation and risk recommendations to IFC's investment departments, portfolio officers and clients. Coverage is global with a focus on EM markets and business sectors.
Gary Barnett
Deputy Director
Securities and Exchange Commission
Gary Barnett is a Deputy Director in the Division of Trading and Markets at the US Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, DC.  He oversees the teams responsible for derivatives policy, broker dealer finance, and certain trading practices. Before joining the Commission in January 2015, Mr. Barnett was the CFTC’s Director of the Division of Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight. Gary will be joining us in Boston to provide an update on the latest batch of regulation which is going to impact US fixed income markets.
John Ramsay
Chief Market Policy Officer
IEX Group
John possesses over 25 years in financial services regulatory, legal and compliance worlds in senior positions at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, private law practice, trade association representation, and at an investment bank. Now, Mr. Ramsay is the Chief Market Policy Officer, where he is responsible for executing the company's regulatory responsibilities and promoting outreach to and furthering initiatives for a wide range of stakeholders, including sell-side and buy-side institutions. John joined IEX in order to work for positive change in reforming equity market structure and to work for a new exchange model more responsive to the whole range of stakeholders. 
Kevin McPartland
Head of Marketing and Research
Greenwich Associates
Kevin McPartland is the head of the Greenwich Associates Market Structure and Technology practice. He has 15 years of capital markets industry experience with deep regulatory and technology expertise in fixed income, FX, and equity markets. Kevin has presented at a wide range of industry conferences and is quoted regularly in the financial media including The Economist, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Financial Times, and numerous other industry publications. He has also provided live and taped commentary for CNBC, National Public Radio, Bloomberg TV and Reuters TV.
Bruce Bennett
Covington & Burling LLP
In his role, Bruce is Head of the firm’s Financial Services Industry Group, former co-head of the firm’s Securities and Capital Markets Practice Group. Bruce has been actively involved in a range of regulatory matters relating to the fixed income markets in recent years, particularly aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act relating to the foreign exchange markets.  Historically, Bruce have extensive experience in the debt and derivatives capital markets, including representing end-users such as asset managers.
Paul Hamill
Global Head of Fixed Income
Citadel Securities
Paul Hamill is a Managing Director and Global Head of FICC at Citadel Securities. As such, he is responsible for the client facing fixed income market-making businesses, including interest rate swaps, government and corporate bonds, credit default swaps and cleared FX. Paul was previously a Managing Director and Global Head of FX, Rates and Credit Execution services at UBS, with responsibility for global futures execution, FXPB, and building the fixed income agency business which included the PIN (Price Improvement Network) corporate bond and CDS trading platform, and the Neo platform for SEF traded swaps. He has over 15 years of experience in financial services and has worked in London, Zurich, New York and Chicago, with experience across e-commerce, trading and sales.
Philippe Buhannic
CEO and Co-founder
Philippe Buhannic, CEO and co-founder of TradingScreen, is an industry pioneer. Buhannic has stayed on the forefront of global markets and financial technology for more than 30 years, in a career that has spanned executive management, technical, and marketing experience in international markets. Buhannic founded TradingScreen with Joseph Ahearn in 1999, working to connect global sell-side participants and leading regional brokers to a common environment. TradingScreen was ahead of the curve from day one – delivering market access, and order and liquidity management to the buy side – anticipating the shift away from paper-based trading towards digital markets. Today, TradingScreen is not only the world’s leading execution management system (EMS), it is also the leading independent provider of liquidity, trading and investment technology via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to the financial community.
Prior to TradingScreen, Buhannic served as a Managing Director at Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) in New York. While at CSFB, he worked in fixed income where he handled listed derivatives, prime brokerage and e-commerce. Buhannic was also responsible for creating and implementing CFSB’s e-commerce products, including the “Prime Family” comprised of PrimeTrade, PrimeClear, Prime Brokerage and PrimeFund; all of which have received industry accolades as a successful attempt at global distribution of electronic, multi-asset asset class transaction processing via the Internet.
From 1993 to1995 Buhannic served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fimat Futures USA, Inc., the subsidiary of French investment bank Societe General (SocGen), where he was credited with establishing Fimat as a viable and profitable player in  the US marketplace. Prior to SocGen, from 1987 to 1993, Buhannic was the deputy Chief Financial Officer of Credit Commercial de France, where he oversaw the development of the foreign exchange dealing rooms and the global marketing of FX and interest rate products.
Buhannic holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in international business from New York University’s Stern School of Business, a Master’s degree in Finance and Taxation from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and has taught business and finance courses at his alma matter. He is a longtime board member of the Futures Industry Association and has worked in most major financial cities such as New York, Paris, Zurich and Sao Paulo. He is fluent in French and Portuguese.

Declan Graham
Director, Agency Execution Strategy
UBS Investment Bank
Declan joined UBS in London in 2013, initially working in the area of regulatory reform. Now based in New York, he is responsible for the strategic development of UBS's fixed income agency trading products, including the award-winning UBS Neo SEF Aggregator. Declan works with UBS’ clients to help them benefit from new market structures. Prior to joining UBS, he held various technology management roles at Commerzbank and Dresdner Kleinwort. Declan holds a degree in Information & Communications Technology from Trinity College Dublin.
Constantinos Antoniades
Global Head of Fixed Income
As Head of Fixed Income for Liquidnet, Constantinos Antionades is responsible for the day-to-day running and expansion of the fixed income business. Mr. Antionades is the Founder and CEO of Vega-Chi. Previously, he worked in fixed income at Goldman Sachs for 11 years and previously as a buy side portfolio manager.
Hiram Matthews MD
Head of US Credit & Securitized Sales
Lloyds Securities Inc.
Hiram joined Lloyds in May 2012. Prior to Lloyds, Hiram has held roles at Goldman Sachs, UBS and Barclays Capital. Over his career, Hiram has managed sales teams responsible for a variety of products including Corporate Bonds, Derivatives, CMBS, RMBS, CLO’s and Money Markets.  Hiram has numerous longstanding relationships with Institutional Investors in all industry segments throughout the US, the UK and Europe. Notably, Hiram had a key role in building formidable US Credit and Structured Sales teams at UBS and Barclays Capital. 

Stu Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
Stu is co-founder and CEO of Algomi. He was previously the Global Head of Matched Principal Trading at UBS, where he launched UBS PIN–FI – the first internaliser model in Fixed Income at a global investment bank, covering bonds and CDS. Prior to this, he held various senior roles in Fixed Income both at UBS and Merrill Lynch. Stu sits on the board of Baymarkets, the OTC trading system vendor.  He served as a board member of Tradeweb. Stu was named as one of the 40 most influential individuals in Fintech 2014 by the Wall Street Journal eFinancial News. 
Barry Cohen
Managing Director, Head of Rates Sales Americas
Societe Generale
Barry Cohen joined Societe Generale in August 2011 as Head of the Rates Sales team in New York after 25 years marketing fixed income derivatives, government bonds, and other fixed income instruments.  Barry has been covering institutional hedge fund and real money accounts for the past 15 years.  Although the bulk of his career was spent in the U.S., Barry lived two years working in Singapore, developing a client base of active fixed income and FX clients throughout Asia.   Having received his CFA designation in 2003, Barry remains active in a number of professional organizations, which include NYSSA, the CFA Institute, the Economics Club of NY, and  The Money Marketeers of NYU, where Barry currently sits on the Board as President of that organization. Barry holds a BS in Finance and a BS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.
Chris Yoshida
Global Head of Rates Sales
Deutsche Bank
Christopher Yoshida, Managing Director and Global Head of Cross Rates Distribution, joined Deutsche Bank in September 2014. Prior to Deutsche Bank, he spent more than 11 years at Morgan Stanley holding roles in both New York and London, originally in Structured Credit and most recently the EMEA Head of Interest Rates Distribution. Prior to overseeing the Interest Rate business in Europe, Christopher was the European Head of Global Macro Distribution, responsible for all hedge fund coverage for Interest Rates, Currency, Credit and Emerging Markets. He joined Morgan Stanley in 2003 from Goldman Sachs, where he began his career Debt Capital Markets.
Chris Amen
Managing Director, Head of U.S. Institutional Rates Markets
Chris Amen is Managing Director, Head of U.S. Institutional Rates Markets at Tradeweb. As a member of the Tradeweb Markets executive management team, Amen is responsible for overseeing U.S. Rates Sales and the Rates Business Development and Strategy. Amen previously worked at Dealerweb, the inter-dealer division of Tradeweb Markets, where he oversaw business development. He has been responsible for driving strategic investment in inter-dealer electronic trading and led the acquisitions of Hilliard Farber & Co., Inc. and the brokerage assets (RaffCap Rates and J.J. Kenny) of Rafferty Capital Markets LLC.
Paul Reynolds
As CEO of Bondcube, Paul is responsible for the sales, marketing and product development of the trading platform. Fifteen years ago, Paul was involved with the Autobahn initiative in Fixed Income. After that he invented the magenta, firm pricing in Bloomberg. More recently Paul has introduced a platform that enabled the Buy-side to put firm bids and offers onto Bloomberg ALLQ anonymously. Bondcube is the latest evolutionary step in Fixed Income electronic trading introducing all to all dark matching and private, lit domains.
Elizabeth Duggan
Managing Director
Interactive Data
Liz Duggan is managing director, Global Evaluated Pricing Business Development for Interactive Data’s Pricing and Reference Data business. She has more than 20 years of experience in market data services, working with investment companies, investment advisors, broker/dealers and other financial institutions. Liz oversees key initiatives related to enhancing and expanding the Company’s evaluated pricing services, broadening overall market coverage and providing increased transparency to evaluation services. Liz joined Interactive Data in 1999 and has held several roles within the Company —most recently serving as Managing Director of Global Evaluated Pricing Operations.  Prior to joining the Company, Liz served as a senior vice president of Thomson Financial Securities Management. 
Scott Fitzpatrick
Tradition SEF
In Scott’s role as Tradition SEF CEO, he is directly responsible for the overall operations of the business. The scope of Tradition SEF is global, covering all Asset Classes (Rates, Credit, FX, Equity & Commodity/Energy) encompassing a client base which is operational from all major trading centres globally, covering multiple trading Jurisdictions. As the CEO of one of the largest SEF’s in the market and a market leader in the development of regulatory compliant trading platforms, particularly in Interest Rate Markets with the Trad-X Central Limit Order Book, Scott is directly involved day-to-day in the inner workings of this new market structure. He is also an active member of the Board of Directors of the Wholesale Market Brokers Association, Americas (www.WMBAA.org) where he has been involved in discussions focussed on the development of the new Regulatory environment directly with CFTC Commissioners, the Chairman, Division Staff, Senate Committees and Congress Committees. Scott has also been an expert witness on a number of CFTC Technology Advisory Committee Sessions and spoken on several industry conference panels.
Nathan Jenner
Head of Market Transparency
Nathan is head of Bloomberg’s Market Transparency products. This suite of products facilitates the targeting, distribution, consumption and analysis of Fixed Income pricing in our markets.

Before his current role Nathan was Chief Operating Officer for Bloomberg’s Fixed Income, Currency and Commodity Electronic Trading Business. He has been at Bloomberg for 8 years and was instrumental in Bloomberg's and the Industry’s response to Dodd-Frank. This includes leading the efforts around Central Clearing, Bloomberg’s SDR, and Bloomberg’s SEF. In addition, Nathan has been deeply involved with other global regulators and their efforts to enact similar solutions in their local markets.

Before joining Bloomberg Nathan spent 8 years at JPMorganChase in London and New York. Here he managed the Exotic Interest Rate Derivatives Risk Management Middle Office, and then constructed the Credit Hybrid Risk Management Middle Office. Nathan led these businesses through restructuring of their complete Transaction Life Cycles from Trade negotiation & Execution, to Risk Management & Trade booking, and Settlement.
Mark Monahan
MTS Markets International
Mark Monahan was appointed CEO of MTS Markets International Inc.(MMI) , part of London Stock Exchange Group, in 2013.  MMI is a US based broker dealer with two fixed income ATSs – BondsPro in Credit and BondVision in Rates.   Prior to the London Stock Exchange, Monahan was CEO of Ballista Securities LLC (acquired by the Intercontinental Exchange in 2011). He also ran sales and service globally for the FX e-Broker EBS (acquired by ICAP in 2006) and then became CEO of ICAP Electronic Brokerage in Asia Pacific.  Monahan has been a board member of several electronic brokerage firms as well as SIFMA Asia.
Yoshiki Obayashi
Managing Director
Applied Academics LLC
Yoshiki is responsible forIP research and development in collaboration with academics andcommercialization in partnership with institutions in the finance industry.Over the last 5 years, Yoshiki and his team have been working with ProfessorAntonio Mele of the Swiss Finance Institute on the design of fixed incomevolatility indexes and listed derivatives thereon, and with Chicago BoardOptions Exchange and S&P Dow Jones Indices on their creation and marketdevelopment in the US and Japan. 
Karl Kutschke
Senior Director
Charles River Development
Karl is responsible for product line strategy for the fixed income trading, OTC derivatives, and compliance offerings at Charles River. He has 15+ years of experience delivering software projects and products for domestic and international environments and has managed strategic fixed income and evaluation services projects for IDC (Interactive Data Corporation).
Gabriele Fredianai
Quorum 16
Mr Frediani was recently the Head of Markets at MTS, where he was responsible for Bond trading activity on all 17 domestic MTS Markets in Europe and Bondvision, MTS Repo, ACM-Repo and MTS Credit. More recently, Mr Frediani has been working with senior fixed income figures from across the globe, organising bespoke discussions and helping the industry press it’s most challenging fixed income hurdles, relating to regulation, technology and market structure trends.   
Anthony Perrotta
Head of Fixed Income Research
TABB Group
A veteran of the fixed income markets with 25 years of experience, Anthony Perrotta joined TABB Group in June 2014 from Cornerstone Resources, a fixed-income consultancy that he founded. As head of fixed income research at TABB, he is responsible for directing the firm’s Research Alliance Fixed Income practice, which serves institutional investors from all of the fixed-income disciplines. The practice focuses on areas such as market structure, regulatory reform, trading, technology, business models, compliance, central clearing, market data and operational issues impacting government bond, corporate bond, OTC swaps and other derivative, municipal, short-term securities, and mortgage-backed securities markets in the US, Europe and Asia.
Radi Khasawneh
Senior Fixed Income Analyst
TABB Group
With extensive experience reporting on structured credit, derivatives and fixed income markets in the US and Europe, Radi is now responsible for producing European Fixed Income research at TABB Group, based in London and working alongside the US team to produce research based on interviews with senior figures on the sell-side, buy-side and regulators defining market change. As well as the responsibilities and reports cited above, Radi has six years of experience reporting on financial markets at Euromoney, Risk Magazine, Dow Jones and Bloomberg. His main area of focus has always been the OTC derivatives market and fixed income, and for the last two years has encompassed the effect of regulatory change on the functioning of this market, and defining the likely future shape of that market.
John Mangano
Aite Group
John Mangano is an analyst with Aite Group's Institutional Securities & Investments team, focusing on fixed income trading and analytics. John’s research interests include fixed income products, technology, and market structure.Mr. Mangano has more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He spent 15 years with Fidelity Capital Markets, a division of Fidelity Investments, where he held roles in fixed income sales and fixed income trading across multiple markets, including U.S. corporate debt, U.S. Treasury debt, repo and money markets, and structured debt. Most recently, John was a managing partner at hedge fund Nantucket Absolute Capital, where he was responsible for cash portfolio management, operations, and compliance.

Brad Bailey
Research Director

Brad is a former institutional salesperson in listed and OTC rates/credit, and has previous experience working in equities followed by cross asset trading. Having had the benefit of worked in both equities and fixed income, and as leader of the Market Structure Advisory group at Knight Capital, Brad was very involved with watching the evolution of both asset classes, and will be providing expertise on correlations between both asset classes. 

Mayra Rodriguez Valladares
Managing Principal
MRV Associates
Mayra Rodríguez Valladares is Managing Principal of MRV Associates. She is a graduate of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, The Wharton School, and The Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. She was also a Raoul Wallenberg Fellow at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a highly motivated business professional, who has twenty five years of financial regulatory and capital, foreign exchange, and energy markets experience at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, JP Morgan, BTAlex.Brown, and as a financial consultant and trainer. She has published over 80 articles in publications such as American Banker, Bloomberg’s Financial Regulatory Brief, The New York Times, Russian Petroleum, and World Oil.
Christopher White

Chris has over 13 years experience in fixed income electronic business development and has pioneered several innovative market initiatives like the GSessions trading platform and corporate bond IOIs. Prior to founding ViableMkts, Chris has previously worked for MarketAxess, Barclays and Goldman Sachs. 

Joe Rosen
Joe Rosen is an electronic trading industry veteran with 25 years experience as an exchange executive, adviser, Chief Information Officer & Quant, author, lecturer, as well as developer and marketer of electronic trading systems. Prior to incorporating RKA Inc. in 2006, he was Managing Director, Trading Technology/Head of Technology Marketing at the New York Stock Exchange, where he developed, coordinated and executed Exchange-wide initiatives - targeted at major sources of order flow and connectivity - to promote NYSE’s trading/technology products. Previously, he was a partner for ten years at financial technology consultancy Enterprise Technology Corp., where he served as a ‘C-Level’ strategic planning/technology consultant, built/deployed bespoke trading systems for a broad cross-section of international financial institutions, including global money managers, securities firms and market centers, and was also responsible for business development. 
Michael Sanderson
MOS Solutions
After 45 years in the financial services industry, Michael now runs his own firm dedicated to helping you frame your e-trading strategy in fixed income securities. Whether you are a sell side firm seeking more efficiency or a buy side firm seeking more liquidity, we will help you devise your solution before you spend precious IT dollars. With his long familiarity of the players and vendors in the business, Michael is well placed to advise on technological solutions, acquisitions and fund raising opportunities.
Denise Shull
Founder and CEO
The ReThink Group
Denise Shull, a thought leader in neurofinance the resulting new psychology of risk, founded The ReThink Group in 2003 in order to solve the vexing problem of human misperception of risk. Today, Shull has taught thousands of Wall Street professionals how to avoid their typical behavioral responses to fear and greed. Her trading career began with equities in 1994 “upstairs” at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Later she traded futures as a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and it was then that she began transforming neuroeconomics --the new science of the brain on risk -- into investing profits.  An engaging speaker, Shull has received rave reviews for her talks “How Risk Psychology is Fractal” and “Emotions as Key Data”. 
Marti Tirinnanzi
President and CEO
Financial Standards
Financial Standards is a corporate finance and regulatory advisory company specializing in risk management, and in particular risk mitigation strategies that utilize derivatives contracts.  As founder and chief executive, Tirinnanzi has held a number of important leadership and operational roles: from being responsible for designing and implementing a derivatives trading back office and deal capture program in derivatives operations, to leadership as regulator to the world’s largest major swap participants – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Tirinnanzi had a role in the development of Dodd Frank legislation by providing important background information to Congressional staff on the importance of the derivatives markets in controlling risk and the need for confidence, efficiency and reliability. In her operational experience, Tirinnanzi directed the GSEs to evaluate market participants, specifically CCPs and FCMs with an eye towards adopting the central clearing model before CFTC and SEC regs became final.   In her work to initiate a new SEF, and her continued educational programs on futures, options and swaps, Tirinnanzi is a resource to market participants subject to CFTC regulations in the US and abroad, as well as regulatory staff of the CFTC and NFA, making her perfectly placed to offer advice and speak on US regulatory reform and cross border compliance. 
Stephen McLaren
Senior Sales Manager
Stephen McLaren is Head of Branch Sales, responsible for managing the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast client sales teams. Mr. McLaren joined MarketAxess in 1998 as a Sales Representative focused on the Northeast and has served in various sales roles throughout the years. Prior to joining MarketAxess, Mr. McLaren worked for Federal Filings, Inc., a Washington D.C. based start-up which was later acquired by Dow Jones & Co., where he sold the firm’s real-time news and information services to hedge funds, risk arb specialists, investment managers and broker dealers, and opened the firm’s first regional sales office located in Boston. Earlier in Mr. McLaren’s career he worked in sales for another start up in the Washington, D.C. area, Telemet America, Inc., which pioneered the delivery of real-time quotes, news and information to institutional investors via satellite and hand held devices. Mr. McLaren graduated from Boston College with a B.S. in Business and a Concentration in Finance.
Shrirang Apte
Derivatives & Fixed Income
Shrirang is responsible for Credit Investments at HOOPP, in which they have 4 PMs managing Credit Investments. HOOPPs mandate is global and Shrirang and his team concentrate on North America and Europe, where they invest and trade in Structured Credit, Single names and Index CDS and Credit Options. Shrirang has traded Credit in current capacity for over 9 years, and Traded in the credit markets actively in pre, during, and post crisis. Shrirang will be sharing his tips on how you can best adapt your trading strategies to prosper in a new market structure.
Francis ‘FA’ Romano
Head of KCG BondPoint Institutional
F.A. Romano leads KCG BondPoint’s institutional client business, ensuring that our Asset Manager, Hedge Fund and other buy-side clients have an optimized, tailored experience when trading on the KCG BondPoint venue.

Previously, F.A. was the Business Manager for Bloomberg’s Fixed Income Credit Trading Products, including Corporates, Municipals, and Emerging Markets. He was at Bloomberg for 17 years and was intimately involved in the development and design of Bloomberg’s overall credit trading strategy. Additionally, F.A. spent eight years developing the Electronic Trading network for Bloomberg TOMS.
Josh Barrickman
Head of Bond Indexing